Burner. Burn Her.

Code no more. That’s what I told him. You would have thought that I cursed him for eternity. All I did, was say no. Here’s how the scenario played out.

A friend of a friend approached me wanting to know how to cheat on his wife. You see his wife, read an article on things to look for when your man is cheating. He asked if in my 3 decades of counseling and coaching, if there were things he could do to stay one step ahead of his already suspicious wife. I said yes, don’t cheat. He was really persistent, saying there must be things that are dead give a ways. Truth be told, there are.

I already knew he had a burner phone. You know, a phone that no one really knew about and that couldn’t be traced back to him. In other words, a burner phone to burn her. Dude, that’s just messed up. His justification was that he had not cheated. Having the phone in the event that an opportunity presents itself, already opens the door to infidelity.

It’s not for me to judge. But if you come at me thinking “Bro Code” binds us together, you must be out of your mind. Let alone to commit a violation upon your wife. And I don’t care what she’s done to you. If you’re unhappy or she’s cheated on you, sack up and move on if you’re unhappy. Fighting fire with fire, only creates a bigger fire.

You want a code. How about a code of conduct. Be honorable. Because having a burner phone to burn her, will leave you with no honor.



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Vance Larson

I am a retired crisis counselor of 20 years, and have spent the last decade working as both a Life Coach and Hypnotherapist.