Dead Don’t Know

I wrote an article sometime ago referring to Zombies. Basically, I was referring to how we have turned into a world of Zombies being so preoccupied with our phones. The average person looks at their phone 350 times a day. I know, staggering…

But today I want to talk about being dead while we’re alive. It happens more than you think. Working in mental health my entire life, I see this play out far too often. I’m sure we all know someone who is never happy. Sure, they may not complain, but they have no goals, aspirations or joy. They just exist, not live. And I call that dead don’t know. They died a long time ago, but their body kept living.

I am not talking about your run of the mill bout of depression. I am talking about the person who for the most part is emotionless. No new experiences, no love and no voice of any kind. It is really rather sad. But this happens. Usually sparked by some sort of trauma, but not always. Day in and day out, they muddle through their day without expression.

The body will keep going long after we have mentally checked out. This is my call to action for us to check in. While we are all so busy looking at out phones, let’s look up once and awhile. You may just be walking among someone who is dead, but don’t know. Let us engage them. Give them something to invest in. The power of human compassion can resurrect the “dead don’t know”. And now that we know, let us bring the dead back to life.



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