Dialed In. Coast. Ghost.

The older I get, the more I realize that time is of the essence. It is currency in its truest form. As I sat down to write for this weeks article, I’ve become hyper focused on how I spend that currency. I literally have 3 speeds. And the speed you see, will determine how I prioritize what I am doing, and who I am engaged with. And it breaks down like this. Dialed in. Coast. Ghost.

Most people who know me on an intimate level, will tell you that I’m all in. Meaning, I work insane hours for sane reasons. But however you would view those reasons, the fact is, I get shit done. When I am dialed in, there is no stopping. That is because I am passionate with the person or the project. Being a retired crisis counselor {of 20 years}, I’m the guy you call when your life is falling apart. I get called for multiple reasons. But the main one is, when I get dialed in, I get shit done.

Speed two is coast. It’s those down time activities. It’s when I don’t have to be dialed in, and I trust the people and environment that I am in. In other words, if I coast with you, you’ve earned the right to be in my life. Let me say that again. You’ve earned the right to be in my life. This is important because I see way too many people {professionally} trying to coast with people that have not the best intentions for them. These people drain you. And it’s not that they’re bad people. It’s just that they’re bad for you. Why? Because there is no parity in the relationship. It’s either their way or the highway. Which leads me to speed number 3.

Ghost. The older I get, the quicker I will ghost a mother fucker in a New York second. I ghost because I give. I give a lot. And if we can’t coast, you’ll see the ghost. It is okay to make yourself a priority. Somewhere along the line we were probably told we were being selfish. Well guess what? Be selfish. Because that time you spend, you won’t get back. Invest in your peace. And the quickest way to do that, is to build your circle, so that your circle builds you.

So what am I saying? Pay attention to time. Pay attention to how you spend that currency. Save your best for the people who are best for you. A give and take relationship that looks and feels healthy. So know your speeds. And I like to keep it simple. Dialed in. Coast. Ghost.




I am a retired crisis counselor of 20 years, and have spent the last decade working as both a Life Coach and Hypnotherapist.

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Vance Larson

Vance Larson

I am a retired crisis counselor of 20 years, and have spent the last decade working as both a Life Coach and Hypnotherapist.

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