Half In Half Out

I’m the type of guy, that hates to wear a tie. But I do it well, and know how to play the game. I prefer flip-flops and messy hair. I’m not afraid to go to war, as I have spent a third of my life holding the dying. And at age 57, there are far more years behind me, than in front of me. So today, I want to talk about half in, half out.

My focus is both on this world and the next. I’ve lost many patients. Now, friends and family are among the departed. And death, well death {of this body} is coming for me, and for you. No one escapes the transition. So I focus. I focus on what I want to contribute to humanity, and what I would like to take with me. I’m not the kind of person that believes that someone is coming to save us. I believe that the we ourselves, must create that next dimension.

Intention saves us. While some believe in God, gods, Zen, prayer, sacrifice and so on…I believe in intention. All that which I just mentioned is viable. But without intention, it is useless. That prayer, that spell and that belief system, they all get activated by intention. Thus the pure at heart, creates the pure extension. Which is why I am half in and half out.

You can be present in this world while framing the next. It all starts by knowing who you are. By knowing who you are, you can then begin to fill in the gaps. I mentioned messy hair and flip-flops. I’m just a laid back kind of guy. I bring that energy into every environment that I am in. Which is probably why I did so well as a crisis counselor. But by knowing who I am, I honor who I would like to become. While I believe that I have done some really good things with this life, I equally know that I did the exact opposite as well. And therein lies my mission. To leave good things and energy behind. And to be even more open and see everything through the eyes of love, and be less judgmental in the half out.

As I move into my later years, I straddle this world and the next. My time spent in meditation has doubled. I think and talk more with the departed. I am not concerned with leaving a legacy. I personally believe {for me} that legacy is ego based. Which is why I never get mad when someone steals my work/words. {Besides, my writing has always made me a decent buck.} My words are to inspire hope. Recognition does not even factor into the equation. Because I am half in and half out. The goal is to leave hope, and chase love.

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Vance Larson

Vance Larson

I am a retired crisis counselor of 20 years, and have spent the last decade working as both a Life Coach and Hypnotherapist.