Independence Day. Don’t Choke It.

I’d rather choke it than stroke it. I know stroking it would be more fun. It feels better. The more it’s stroked, the bigger it gets. Now I am sure some of you are thinking ungodly things. You MF’s need Jesus…come on that’s funny. But what I am referring to is ego. Choke it, so you may truly be free.

We all want to feel good. We all like when people fluff up our ego. But there is a cost to that. We become dependent upon that external validation. And when that happens, you are no longer free. You are tied to the judgements of others. No independence for you. In fact, it is the complete opposite.

There is nothing wrong in wanting to feel good about yourself. It doesn’t make you conceited. It actually gives you confidence. But the problem starts when we get that “stroke of ego” from someone other than ourselves. Because for many, it becomes addicting. And just like anything else that we become addicted to, we are no longer in control. We chase the “high”. We crave and need it. Soon, we find ourselves doing more and more just to maintain. Just to stay relevant.

You can witness the above scenario play out on social media every day. People are reveling more and more. More intimate facts, to wearing less clothes. This isn’t about judgement. If it is authentic, by all means share your journey. But if this is a journey to feel better about yourself, try the journey inward. You find peace, strength and even pride there. Anyone can compliment you. No one can complete you. That is your job. And the more we lean into ego, the further that journey will take us away from self.

So in the spirit of Independence Day, choke it don’t stroke it. Because you will never truly be free with ego intact.



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