Mind Set

It took just 6 days. That’s all it took. Looking back prior to January 1st, I saw so many social media post that were hopeful for the coming year. Not uncommon. There is an uptick in enthusiasm with each coming year. However this year, it seemed to be really short lived. I know some are still killing it and living their best life. But from what I am seeing, that is not the norm. I don’t dare speculate on why this is, but it really does feel like so many have already given up hope. And we need to change the narrative. Because hope is a powerful thing. And without it, it feels as though you are swimming up stream, wearing a life preserver made of concrete. Let’s make the swim easier…

You know I have been blessed to work with many branches of the military. But the true blessing is when I get to work with someone from special forces. Who are the special forces? They are the elite military personnel. And when I say elite, I truly mean it. But let me break it down a little for you. The special forces are externally well trained. They are in top physical condition. I would argue that they match up with world class athletes on any given day. But that’s not what makes them great.

The special forces train day in and day out. They work equally well as a team, or by themselves. They communicate and demonstrate the highest level of team work. Their bond and their dedication is unbreakable. But that’s not what makes them great.

I have worked with, worked for, treated and owned business’s with veterans. I have worked out with them. Run their obstacle courses. I broke bread with them, answered their crisis calls and saw some pretty tragic endings. But here is my take away. Do you want to know what makes special forces special? It’s not their training. It’s not their conditioning. It’s their mind set of never giving up. Let me say that again. I have never met anyone in the special forces who gave up.

It took me years to understand that mind set. Then it took me years to develop it in myself. The unending faith that you are going to “make it” or outlast the problem, is of the highest mind set. I never served in the military. That wasn’t my calling. But my ability to help them, in reality helped me. It strengthened my mind game. Their commitment to their craft was eye opening. The higher the tier, the higher the dedication.

So what am I saying? Cultivate a mind game that see’s only possibilities. Not problems. I’m not sure the source of this quote, or even if I am getting it right. But a long time ago, I read a story of a martial artist who was asked, “How are you going to get out of a room with 100 of your enemies?” And he flipped the script and said, “They need to think how they’re going to get out of the room with me in it?” Powerful. Overwhelming odds, but he didn’t focus on the problem. He focused on the possibility.

If you take anything into the new year, let it be possibilities. Problem are nothing more the possibilities that can catapult you to the next level of your life. Yes, problems can have tragic endings. But cultivate the “possibility” mind set. May your story show that giving up was never an option. And if you do. It won’t change the game. It will change your life.



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