Popcorn Eating Mother Fuckers

I love the saying “Not everyone in your circle, is in your corner.” Why? Just because they know you, doesn’t mean they love you. And they just love a good train wreck. And here you go, giving it to them. Stop giving it up so easy. Ready? Let’s get into it.

A lot of you are posting way too much personal information on your social media account. I’m a transparent guy. But there are some things that I do hold back. Not out of fear of what the popcorn eaters are going to think. But because I believe that silence is truly where the answers are. And if I am broadcasting everything that is happening in my life, that leaves no time for self reflection. I would be too consumed with fielding all the comments. And those comments…

I watch many of you post about the job you hate, the fight with family, or the break up you had. The name calling may feel good in real time, but all those popcorn eating mother fuckers are just waiting for you to fail. They are literally waiting to use it against you. And they will. Could be tomorrow. Could be next week. Could be next year. But it is coming.

I have worked in HR on and off over the course of the years. And when someone would come in and hand me a resume, I would say “No thank you. Show me your social media.” Why? Because a resume is what you want me to see. Your social media is what I want to see. And you know what? All the times they posted about hating their job, how many times they’ve been drunk during the week, just told me that they probably are not going to be a good hire. Social media has come back to haunt them. But back to those popcorn eating mother fuckers….

People love a good train wreck. People love to gossip. And furthermore, people love to have dirt on you. Look, if you want to put your business out there, then by all means you do you Scotty P. {Oh come on. That’s a great line from a great movie. You know what I’m saying? Boom! Two great lines from the same movie. Look it up.} The point that I am trying to make is, there will be repercussions. And they will come from the most unlikely places.

Keep the train wreck next to the train tracks. No need to share every misfortune with the world. Not only that, but the more you talk about your troubles, the bigger they become. You are literally throwing logs on the fire. So stop talking. Reset. Let all of those popcorn eating mother fuckers get their entertainment from a different movie.

I am a retired crisis counselor of 20 years, and have spent the last decade working as both a Life Coach and Hypnotherapist.