She Sucked 3 Times

I was on FaceBook the other day, when I saw a post bashing people who are married. Truth be told, I am not a big fan of marriage. Although I am very happily married, I generally think it’s an outdated institution. That being said, it was still the fit for me, as my wife is someone I knew that I wanted to spend eternity with. But I digress. Back to the post on bashing marriage. A few people chimed in saying that they loved being married. But most where pretty hard and saying some pretty horrific shit. And then I came across one particular comment…

I never engage in online debates. I don’t in real life for that matter either. But this one comment got me laughing and then thinking. A lot of comments were to the likes of. “I dodged that bullet”, or “I learned that lesson the hard way.” Then some women said, “Marriage sucks. And I should know. Because I have been married 3 times.” And I thought to myself, “No, you just suck at being married or picking a compatible partner.” In other words, she sucked 3 times.

I think a lot of us make fun of or complain about things that we cannot do. Sometimes it’s done of out jealousy, envy or a host of other reasons. But here’s the thing. It looks ugly on you. I cheer for people. Even when I am losing. I like to see people happy. I like to see people in their element. And because I do, many times I am rewarded with a seat at their table. I know, it doesn’t sound like much. But for me, I sat with a great many people of influence. And you know what I learned from them? They didn’t bash or boast. They encouraged and thrived.

It’s easy to hate. And with social media, there is no shortage of toxic shit, spewing all over the place. But why? Maybe because it is easier to make fun or bully than to actually level up. To become a better human. I can promise you this. Compassion will lead you into more authentic relationships, than bullying ever will. Ever build a relationship based on hate?

So let’s cheer for each other. If we’re not there yet, let’s at least be quite. Being kind and compassionate will instantly make you more attractive. Reminds me of so many beautiful women that I dated as a young man, that I had to walk away from when the “mean girl” came out. I have said it before. A pretty face will get you a conversation. A beautiful heart will keep it going. I cheer. Because in the end, I do not care to suck 3 times.



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