I’ve been meditating for almost my entire life. I believe this to be the reason for my laid back personality. It’s very rare that I get flustered, or feel off balance. I don’t take things personal, and I appreciate every moment that life offers me. And that leads me to sit. I sit. I sit often in silence. Because life isn’t always kind. And in some cases, it is downright brutal. Still I sit. I sit to get answers. I sit to find peace.

I find that when the day goes sideways, it is best to embrace it. Many try distraction. And yes that can work at times, but that is short lived. Give me that pain, and I will wrap my arms around it. I own it, accept it, and then release it. I don’t push it down deep inside. I don’t drink, smoke or try to fuck it away. I have a conversation with it. I understand that it is in my life for a reason, so let’s talk.

It’s not an easy practice to practice. But it is worth it. I’m sure there are people who are more laid back than me. Probably some guru sitting on a mountain top in India {ha ha}, but the truth is, I’ve never met anyone who is. And that’s not a judgement. That is an affirmation for me and my meditation practice. Because if I could not state that, than I must double down on my meditation.

Life…is whatever you make it. And I personally can’t make it peaceful unless I sit. That is where your power lies. Not action. Some of the most productive people I know, get though life effortlessly. At least it appears that way. The truth is that they sit too. The answers come to them too. They know that silence is the most effective way to have a conversation. You don’t have to believe me and can say that I am full of shit. But I would just encourage you to sit.



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Vance Larson

I am a retired crisis counselor of 20 years, and have spent the last decade working as both a Life Coach and Hypnotherapist.