The Best Dance

I was asked, how do I come up with the article that I write each week? The answer, is I really don’t know, as I write in my head non stop. As we all do. But for me, when it comes time to write, I sit in front of a blank screen, and think about what needs to come out. Sometimes I write for me. Other times I write for those who follow me. But in the end, I don’t really have any control over what it will be.

We all experience different feelings and emotions on a daily {if not hourly} basis. My days start out standing in the shower early morning after I finished my workout. As I stand there and go though my morning meditation, words form and stories begin to take shape. This happens every day. I literally write 100’s of stories a week. But only one makes it to print. So how do I pick the one that I will share? I don’t. It picks me.

As I sit in front of blank screen, images start to come to me. I take a breath, and then the words flow. What I find interesting, is that it is always inspiring. Before it goes to print, my wife will review for mistakes. And every week, she says something like, “That is really good. “To which I reply,” Oh come on. They all can’t be good. Sooner or later I have to tank a story.” The fact is, like life, when you act from your heart, it will be good. And since I don’t really filter my words, life or experiences, I guess it comes across as authentic.

I was speaking to a new friend the other night. And they said pretty much the same thing. The fact that I really take a vested interest in other people, it does make for a more meaningful exchange. And maybe that’s what this post is about? Making life more meaningful. We {myself included}, do spend a lot of time in distraction mode. You know, here but not here. Talking while scrolling on the phone. Working but thinking about the other 20 task that we have to contend with. We get so good at distraction, that many of us can’t enjoy what is right in front of us. In other words, if you were to write your story this week, what would it be on?

My profession often has me dealing with people who are at their worst. But remove me from my profession, I’m still a pretty interactive guy. Meaning I like learning my barista’s name. I like to engage people and share time. Because it really has become a lost art. Sharing time in a meaningful way, is one of the greatest gifts we can give to one another. Trust me that I totally get it. I keep a legendary work schedule. On any given day, I have 17 hours of work to do and trying to get in done in 12. Sometimes I am successful. Other times not. But what I am most proud of, is when I get the chance to make a meaningful connection, or a chance to really enjoy someone in the moment, I do. And all those other things that I need to get done, start to take a backseat to sharing time.

So what is your story? Would you tell me about the crazy busy week you’ve had? Or would you talk about something that inspired you? Given thanks for. Or maybe even shared something you learned. Because distraction is always waiting for us. And we don’t always have to dance with it. Because the best dance is not the last dance, nor the next dance. The best dance is right now.



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