The Truth About God

Vance Larson
2 min readFeb 20, 2024

As I see it. God doesn’t have petty emotions. Most religions claim divinity. They all can’t be right. So many rules. So much blood shed. And for what? To say that your God is the one true God? Sounds suspect to me.

I hate to speak for God. Because I, like everybody else, have my own opinion. And, they are just opinions. I have my doctorate in divinity. I was a chaplain for nearly two decades. I have lots of friends from different cultures. I have studied most major religions. I have one take away…God does not have time for anything except love.

I cannot fathom that a “loving” God would allow for us to be born into sin. Could you as a parent tell your child, that they are going to Hell, just because they were born? Doesn’t ring true for me. Or what about that their sexuality is against Gods very nature? Again, petty in nature. God is big enough for us to have many names. I submit that we are the ones, distorting the very nature of God.

When someone believes as you do not, why would you be threatened by that? Do you think God cares by what name you call Him? I think that God is just happy that there is a relationship present. Furthermore, I do not believe God cares if you’re a believer or not. God’s position of love does not change the fact that you are loved. You are the very essence of God. Hell does not await you.

All I am saying is, I personally rejoice that you have something that gives you comfort. It does get complicated when you try and convert, coerce or manipulate others to get them to believe, as you believe. In fact, it completely diminishes the strength of your message.

We can hide behind books. We can bullshit with theology. But what we can’t do is talk for God. God does not need our help. Do you feel the need to witness for God? Go immerse yourself in the broken, the lost and hurting. Show only love without mentioning a word about God. Because if God is truly present in your life, no words are needed. If you are devoted to something bigger than you, it will radiate from every pour of your body.

So what do I know about God? Nothing, other than the fact that God is a return to love. Everything else just leads us further away from unity. And God is the great unifying force. We just need to wrap our heads around this. So in reality, the truth about God is, we don’t know the truth about God. One love.



Vance Larson

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