The Vampire And The Ghost

We all know someone who is addicted to drama. It’s like they have a magnet attached to their back, and wherever the shit is, they are pulled into it. But understand this. That is a choice. And some people have become so immune to it, that they don’t even realize that they set the table for trouble. Don’t be that person. In fact, if you know one, run!

Let’s talk a little deeper about this. We can usually spot this person by their lack of enthusiasm about life. They have a problem for every solution. They blame everyone for their misfortune. {Something we see on both sides of the political spectrum now a days.} Not too long ago, I saw a post on FaceBook from one of my friends. Not an IRL friend. This person constantly post attention seeking stuff. This particular post was “I’m leaving FaceBook for awhile. I can’t take it anymore.” Less than 2 hours later, back on and posting like nothing ever happened. So why bring this up? Fucking vampires!

There will always be people who will try and suck the life out of you. We often call them energy drainers. But why do we let them have access to us? I get it. It’s the human thing to do to try and help someone who is in need. But that person that continues to come to you and eats up your precious energy and time…no thank you. I personally have cleared house many years ago. In my practice, I have done a much better job taking on clients who want to change, rather that clients who want to bitch. I am not the guy {both personally and professionally} that is going to let you complain without taking action. Yes, there is a grace period where I will let you vent. But if you’re looking to play victim and not level up, you might as well call me Casper, because I will be a ghost. {A friendly ghost.}

Look, the world isn’t passing you by. The world is trying to get you engaged. And when bad things happen, we can use it to our advantage, or we can turn into a vampire. There is nothing wrong with sending up a flare and asking for help. But when you send up so many that it looks like the freaking 4th of July, you have morphed into a vampire. And the only way to become a mere mortal again, is to take your power back.

Lose the victim mentality. Take action. Know that you have a say in your story. The more you sit with it, the more it will drain you. The more it drains you, you lose your lifeline. Your bloodline. Like a vampire bit you. There is always, always something that you can do to improve your situation. Even if it’s just correcting your mindset. Countless studies show how the mind effects the body. The placebo effect is a very powerful and real thing. Think you won’t get better? You are literately stacking the deck against yourself.

Let me put a bow on it for you. Time and energy are a very valuable resource. I’ve dedicated my entire life to helping people. But what I won’t do is watch you fold. I won’t sit by and let you feel sorry for yourself. Bad things happen. Horrific things occur. We owe it to ourselves, family and friends, to keep pushing on. When someone comes to me and tells me their problem, I will hear them, validate them and inspire them to take action. Mourning periods will vary from person to person. So how did I stay so positive working in mental health for 35 years? When the vampires come…and they will, I ghost. I encourage you to do the same.



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Vance Larson

I am a retired crisis counselor of 20 years, and have spent the last decade working as both a Life Coach and Hypnotherapist.