No magic in the new year. There is magic in this moment. New years resolutions may give you hope. But hope doesn’t get results. Discipline does. And if you’re thinking about change, you need to ask yourself, “Why don’t I deserve to be happy today?” Think about it. If your unhappy today, do something about it today. When we’re hungry, we don’t say I will wait until later to eat. We usually eat now. Or at the very least, find a small snack to hold us over. So those new years resolutions that you’re thinking about, are unrealistic if you’re not willing to get started today.

Program tomorrow by creating today. You already have the thought to change, so get to it. We know that new years resolutions rarely work. And the reason is, if it was truly important to us, we would have taken action already. So set the tone tomorrow, by starting today. It’s really easier than you think. Stop thinking in terms of the outcome. Start thinking in terms of action. Even action on a small level will get results.

I have long used the analogy of weight loss. Safe and effective weight loss is about a half a pound, to 2 pounds a week. Doesn’t sound like much, does it? But, even if we spilt the difference and go with a pound a week lost, that is still over 50 pounds a year. Not bad for minimal effort. No fad diet. No starvation. Just healthy {mindful} eating.

What’s the one common denominator why your friend left their abusive spouse? Or that coworker that quit drinking? Or that family member who lost all that weight? The answer is they believed they deserved to feel better. And it doesn’t matter how they got to that point of action. The point is, they took action. They more than likely didn’t wait until January 1 to make it happen. They were one wardrobe size too big. One hangover that lasted too long. One argument that damaged their self worth that felt overwhelming. It finally clicked. They deserved to be happy now.

Your inner monolog sets the tone. The words you say to yourself. The words that you allow others to say to you. It’s all about the tone. And that tone, you are hearing right now. And if that tone isn’t pleasing to you, you have a choice to make this moment. Do you take action now? Or let whatever is on your mind get a little bigger, get a little tighter by waiting until the new year. Because I promise you, it will.

Start now. Jump! Change the tone. Change the narrative. Take action. Because inaction, is not action. And it will leave you tone deaf.



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Vance Larson

I am a retired crisis counselor of 20 years, and have spent the last decade working as both a Life Coach and Hypnotherapist.