Vaccine Mean

Smart enough to know that COVID is over reported and that some people have made a lot of money from it. Also smart enough to know that for many, it is a good idea to get vaccinated. When you take a group of people with no medical training, no science degree, let alone a college degree, you get a group of people who spread misinformation. The sad fact is, I see both sides doing this.

If you got the vaccine, you made the right choice that fits for you. If you didn’t get the vaccine, you have your reason and I respect that too. Either way and either side, if you are someone who continues to post your opinion and be mean about it, you are displaying everything that is wrong with humanity today. When is bulling and making fun of someone {who is doing their best} become the “new norm”?

I am an essential worker. And for those of you who know Dr. Fauci, I know him too. We spoke to congress together in the early 90’s working on HIV/AIDS. I wasn’t keen on him then, but I trusted him. That said, I waited to get vaccinated. Why? Because I am an educated man, and even though I tend to lean into science, I know that they get it wrong too. They moved way too fast for my comfort level. I wanted more data.

Meanwhile, I have friends all over the world. Real friends. Not just on FaceBook. And they have told me of how COVID has ripped through their country. Family members lost. Just a terrible scene. I know a lot of people who got COVID. I personally do not know anyone who has died. But of those who got sick, the symptoms ranged from nothing to severe. And you know what? I wouldn’t dare make fun of them. And yet, I see so many online doing just that.

Here’s an an idea. If you have a thought, you don’t always need to share it with the entire world. And if you do, why not be kind? And if you’re talking about science, please site your research, so educated people can make an informed decision.

Yes, I got the vaccine. Yes, I believe COVID is over-hyped. No, I will not make fun of your beliefs or decision. This is a sensitive topic for many. I don’t have a problem with disagreements. I have a problem with mean people. And mean people suck. So suck less today.



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Vance Larson

I am a retired crisis counselor of 20 years, and have spent the last decade working as both a Life Coach and Hypnotherapist.